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Site name: Rising Star: Raffey Cassidy
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Since: March 20th, 2013
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How the site got started
Rising Star had it’s start in March 2013. I had seen Raffey as Young Snow White in “Snow White and the Huntsman” and absolutely adored every scene she was in. However, I did not hear from her again until it was announced that she would play Molly Moon in “Molly Moon: The Incredible Hypnotist“. When I was younger, I had always loved the books and was very excited that the books were made into movies. I watched a few of Raffey’s other appearances and was completely blewn away by her talent! I knew I had to create a site for her, so more people would find out about this talented young actress. There was no other fansite for Raffey around yet at the time it was created, therefore Rising Star is your first and most up to date source for all things Raffey!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you know Raffey, her family or friends?
No, I’m not in contact with Raffey or anyone associated with her.

Can I send fanmail to Raffey?
Yes, it is now possible to send fanmail to Raffey. Click here to find out how!

Is there any other way I can contact Raffey?
Since Raffey does not have any social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram there is no way to contact Raffey at this time. However, I will make sure to announce it on the website as soon as she has joined any social media networks.

Social Media

Feel free to check out Rising Star on social media! Please remember that Raffey herself does not have any social media accounts. Any accounts you may find claiming to be her must be reported immediately.

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