Rising Star: Raffey Cassidy
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bb1 Raffey Camomile Cassidy is a 17-year-old actress from Manchester, UK who was born into a family of actors. Her older sister Grace as well as her brothers Finney and Mossie are also actors, but Raffey did not start acting until she was 7 years old. She got started with acting by accident, when she was waiting outside her older brother Finney’s audition and was asked by the casting directors to give it a try. Raffey then made her very first appearance in the Tv movie “Spanish Flu: The Forgotten Fallen” as a young, dying girl named Ellen. Only 2 years later, Raffey appeared in 5 episodes of BBC Manchester’s television series “32 Brinkburn Street” as Nora. However Raffey was also interested in doing feature films and soon, in 2012, she booked her first minor role in a feature film. She portrayed Young Angelique, the young version of Eva Green’s character in the comedy “Dark Shadows” directed by Tim Burton.

bb2Another feature film role soon followed, when she played Kristen Stewart’s younger version, Young Snow White, in the action film “Snow White and the Huntsman” alongside Charlize Theron. After that, Raffey appearanced on an episode in a television series called “Stepping Up”. Not long after, in summer 2012, Raffey was cast and chosen to play the role of Molly Moon in the highly anticipated movie “Molly Moon and the Incredible Book of Hypnotism” based on the novels by Georgia Byng. Raffey had read the novels prior to booking the role and was more than excited to get to portray the character. For the role, Raffey learned lots of fun choreography and even recorded an original song for the film’s soundtrack. In 2013 Raffey could also be seen in the British television series “Mr Selfridge” as Beatrice Selfridge. In addition, Raffey also played the role of Mia in the short film “The Beast”.

bb1However, her big break-through was yet to come and it finally happened in 2013, when Raffey was cast as Athena in Disney’s new feature film “Tomorrowland“, which also starred George Clooney, Hugh Laurie and Britt Robertson. As a young robot girl, Raffey’s character is on a mission to save the future. She says that Athena is “a bit of a ninja” and that she very much enjoyed the driving lessons as well as learning mixed martial arts for the role. The film was released in 2015, while another short film called “Rust” was also released in which Raffey played a girl named Georgie. It seems Raffey was on a roll for short films as she booked “Miranda’s Letter’ in 2016, which was an interpretation of Shakepeare’s The Tempest. She could also be seen in a brief scene in the feature film “Allied” as Brad Pitt’s on-screen daughter named Anna at the very end of the film.

bb2Raffey’s next big feature film, “The Killing of a Sacred Deer” directed and written by Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos, was released in 2017. She played the role of Kim Murphy as Nicole Kidman’s and Colin Farrell’s on-screen daughter. She says the audition process was quite weird as she had to faint in the middle of the sentence, try talk as fast as she could and lots of crawling was involved, but Raffey says the weirdness is what made her want the part even more. In addition to the physical aspects, Raffey also perfected her American accent by watching the Disney channel and sung Ellie Goulding’s popular song ‘Burn’ in of her scenes. The film ended up winning the ‘Best Screenplay‘ award at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in France, which Raffey got to attend just a couple of weeks before taking her GCSE mock exams back in the UK.

bb1Outside of the entertainment industry Raffey is a regular teenage girl, who still lives with her parents and siblings in Manchester, UK and is currently in school working towards her GCSE exams. Whenever she is not busy standing in front of a camera, Raffey loves doing special effects make up. However, unlike her peers, Raffey is not interested in social media at all and choses to keep her life private for now. She prefers meeting up with her friends in real life and spending time together without their mobile phones. Besides of being an actress, Raffey dreams of becoming a fashion designer after finishing school. However, she has admitted that she changes her career path quite frequently just like any other young girls her age. Whichever path she choses, we can’t wait to see what the future is holding for this talented girl!

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