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2019 started off as a busy year for Raffey, she is once again seen in an editorial, this time for W Magazine! The editoral was posted a couple of days ago on the magazine’s website, including two stunning new photos of Raffey photographed by Jeff Henrikson. I have added an excerpt of the article below, be sure to read the full article and view the gorgeous new photos in our gallery!

Raffey Cassidy’s entrée into the acting world was a complete accident—and not particularly auspicious. At the age of seven, she was waiting for one of her elder brothers, who at the time was an aspiring actor, outside of an audition for a BBC drama when the casting director, in need of a young girl for a small role, spotted her and asked if she’d like to give it a try. “I don’t remember much other than sitting under a table hacking away,” says Cassidy, now 16 and a high school student in her native Manchester, England. “It was a little coughing and dying part. But I loved being on set immediately—mostly the costumes and the makeup at the time. And I’ve been working ever since.”

And working with some of Hollywood’s biggest names, no less. Her breakthrough, in 2015’s sci-fi adventure flick Tomorrowland—in which she played an animatronic girl—had her sharing the screen with George Clooney. In 2017, she was Nicole Kidman and Colin Farrell’s troubled teen daughter in Yorgos Lanthimos’s eerie thriller The Killing of a Sacred Deer, which won Best Screenplay at the Cannes Film Festival. And most recently, she played both a young Natalie Portman and Portman’s daughter in Vox Lux, which centers on a school shooting survivor who, after singing at a memorial, becomes a hugely successful—though deeply damaged—pop star. “It’s definitely the dark side of fame. She never really deals with the aftermath of the trauma so it’s all coming back when she’s older,” says Cassidy of Celeste, the role she shares with Portman.

And share it they actually do. This isn’t the sort of younger-self role that’s relegated to a few flashback scenes. Cassidy helms the first hour of the movie solo and, once Portman appears on the screen, the willowy Brit—who slips seamlessly into the role of Albertine, Celeste’s introverted teen daughter—more than holds her own. As the Washington Post review of the film said —in the headline, no less—“Natalie Portman gets top billing but is upstaged by an actress you’ve never heard of.”[…]

Source: Wmagazine.com

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Great news – Raffey has booked a new project! Instead of standing in front of the camera, Raffey will be lending her voice to a character named Becky in an upcoming animated film called “Kensuke’s Kingdom“. The film is based on the book of the same name written by Michael Morpurgo. Congratulations, Raffey! Read what the film is about below:

Kensuke’s Kingdom tells the story of Michael, who is taken by his family on a round-the-world sailing trip. When a storm strikes he is washed overboard and ends up on a remote island in the Pacific where he struggles to survive on his own. Unable to find food or water, as the boy and his dog curl up to sleep, Michael knows they cannot last long.

But he soon realises there is someone close by, someone who is watching over him and helping him to stay alive. Following a close-run battle between life and death, the mysterious Japanese stranger – Kensuke – reluctantly allows Michael into his world and they begin to form a friendship. But something threatens to destroy the fragile world Kensuke has created on the island, and they must use all their courage, skills and resourcefulness to try to save it. Kensuke’s Kingdom is a thrilling adventure story with a poignant ecological message that will resonate with audiences across the world.

Source: Ffilmcymruwales.com

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Hi everyone and welcome back to Rising Star! It’s been a couple of months since I had time to update the site. As always, college has been keeping me busy, but my exams are over and I’m back to share the news with you! A lot has happend in the past three months. Raffey has been busy attending events to promote her new film “Vox Lux“, stood in front of the camera for two editorials and was honored by Variety as one of their 10 Brits to Watch on their annual list! I have uploaded a bunch of photos to the sites’ gallery and listed all the new additions for you to go through below – enjoy!

005x Dazed Magazine
008x The Last Magazine
008x Newport Beach Film Festival UK Honours Event
003x The Fashion Awards 2018 in partnership with Swarowski
008x Premiere of Neon’s “Vox Lux” – After Party
045x Premiere of Neon’s “Vox Lux” – Red carpet
001x Josh Telles; Deadline’s The Contenders New York Photo Studio
006x The Contenders New York, presented by Deadline, USA
001x Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ 10th Annual Governors Awards
010x Neon and the Cinema host the after party for “Vox Lux”
004x The Contenders Los Angeles, presented by Deadline, USA

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We finally have a full length trailer for “Vox Lux“, in which Raffey portrays the roles of Young Celeste and Albertine! The film is set to be released on December 7, I definitely can’t wait to see the film. Here’s the official synopsis from the film’s website:

VOX LUX begins in 1999 when teenage sisters Celeste (Raffey Cassidy) and Eleanor (Stacy Martin) survive a seismic, violent tragedy. The sisters compose and perform a song about their experience, making something lovely and cathartic out of catastrophe — while also catapulting Celeste to stardom. By 2017, the now 31-year-old Celeste (Natalie Portman) is mother to a teenage daughter of her own and struggling to navigate a career fraught with scandals when another act of terrifying violence demands her attention.

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, be sure to watch it below. It looks very different from Raffey’s previous projects, so I’m more than excited to see how she handled playing two different characters in one film!

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On October 15, Raffey attended the 62nd BFI London Film Festival alongside her co-star Jude Law and director Brady Corbet for the UK premiere of “Vox Lux“! As always, Raffey looked absolutely beautiful on the red carpet, wearing her hair in a cute braid which suits her well, don’t you agree?! Be sure to check out the photos from the red carpet in our gallery.

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Hi everyone! I apologize for the lack of updates, but college has been keeping me busy recently. However, I have finally had time to catch up and will be rolling out all the news within the next couple of days, so be sure to check back regularly so you won’t miss anything! Today we are starting out with a bunch of gorgeous photos of Raffey at Paris Fashion Week! Raffey once again got to attend a fashion show for one of her favorite designers, Miu Miu, this time for their Spring/Summer 2019 collection. I have uploaded 22 stunning photos of Raffey at the event to our gallery, be sure to check them out!

In addition to the photos, there has also been a video of Raffey arriving at the show uploaded to Youtube. I have embedded it for you to watch below.

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Today I have something super fun to share – Raffey recently filmed her very first music video for the indie group The Kooks and their song Four Leaf Clover! I personally love the video and could watch it over and over again, it has a great story line:

After a traumatic bullying scene a young school girl played by Raffey Cassidy (The Killing Of A Sacred Deer, Tomorrowland) is haunted by another, mysterious, girl who takes her on a surreal and trippy journey.

Of course Raffey’s acting skills are as amazing as always. Be sure to watch the video below!

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Last wednesday, Raffey got the attend the premiere of the film “L’Annee Derniere a Marienbad” during the 75th Venice Film Festival at Sala Giardino in Venice, Italy! As always, I adore the outfit Raffey wore on the red carpet, it is simple yet elegant and features a cute camera purse by Chanel. Be sure to view the new images in our gallery.

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WOW! I hope you’re ready for this massive update of Raffey at the 75th Venice Film Festival in Italy! On tuesday, Raffey attended the photocall for her new film “Vox Lux” at Sala Casino alongside her co-stars Stacy Martin and Natalie Portman, as well as director Brady Corbet. She looked absolutely stunning wearing a fun dress by Louis Vuitton. I’ve added images from the event to the gallery for you to view.

After they were done posing on the red carpet, the press conference for the film took place. If you want to learn all about the film and its’ characters, you should definitely watch it.

Later that night, the official premiere for “Vox Lux” took place and Raffey stepped onto the red carpet looking like a princess, wearing a gorgeous light blue gown by Oscar de la Renta! I absolutely love this dress on her as well as the edgy hair and make up. Be sure to also view these stunning images in the gallery.

Unfortunately, Raffey’s dress kept getting tangeled as she was making her way along the red carpet, but luckily her co-stars were quick to rescue her! You can watch a portion of the red carpet event below, you can see Natalie Portman, Brady Corbet and Stacy Martin try and help Raffey fix her dress around the 1:38 minute mark:

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The wait is finally over, we’ve got the first teaser trailer for Raffey’s new film “Vox Lux“! The film officially premiered earlier this week at the 75th Venice Film Festival in Italy, be sure to check back tomorrow for a huge update featuring a bunch of stunning photos of Raffey. For now, you can watch the teaser trailer below if you haven’t seen it yet. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see the full film soon!

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